The right partner for intricate solutions!

We are a small and dynamic business whose core activity is the implementation of intricate solutions to challenges in environmental protection and information technology.

The main function of the environmental protection section of the business is the estimation of environmental impact caused by different emission sources and plans, based on in situ measurements and modelling, and planning & implementing of mitigation measures that counteract or limit the impact mentioned. Important area to that section is the development and implementation of data display applications in GIS environment of environmental noise and air pollution that results from traffic emissions and industrial processes. Moreover, we provide professional ground works for environmental sustainability reports and reports on environmental impacts that contribute to the creation of spatial planning acts. An important activity of this section of the business is creating and implementing monitoring plans to measure and evaluate the environmental impact of different projects.

The information technology section of the business focuses on the development, implementation, and maintenance of the Orbita information systems. Its main application is the control of information and performance in experimental and technological laboratories, trademarked as Orbita*LIMS. The feedback from its wide array of clients has enabled the application to evolve into a sophisticated tool of the highest calibre. The variations of the application respective to the impact of studied factors (Orbita*GIS, and Orbita*EMIS) are available as either individual applications or upgrades to the Orbita*LIMS platform, which enables web display of results, the exchange of data in GIS, or any preferred form.

Our professional team, with its great wealth of experience and equipped with benchmark resources, ensures a standard of excellence across our range of products and services. Since Epi Spektrum’s Ltd. inception in 1998, our team has tripled and turnover increased tenfold. We have never ended a year with a loss, maintaining the highest credit rating. Our clients are administrative and professional services on the state and local level, manufacturing businesses, spatial planners, individuals who are faced with the issue of environmental protection, and experimental or technological laboratories who wish to improve the efficacy of their work by modernising their IT infrastructure.