Environmental protection

Environmental protection is one od two core activities of the firm, both principally and commercially. The firm has specialised on environmental noise protection, yet retains a holistic view through cooperation with outside experts and institutions. Work in this area could be catalogued as:

  • Estimating existing environmental burden:
    • Assessment of noise pollution on the basis of measurement or computational modelling
    • Assessment of ambient air pollution based on computational modelling
  • Strategic evaluation of the environmental impact of plans – (SEA)
  • Assessing the effect of projects on the environment – (EIA)
  • Planning noise mitigation measures:
    • Action plans for environmental noise  protection
    • Measures to reduce noise emission from machinery and industrial plants
    • Measures to reduce noise pollution with noise barriers
    • Measures on buildings to reduce noise pollution in noise sensitive premises (passive noise protection)
  • Creating pre-implementation reports concerning passive noise protection, monitoring the quality of measures, and reports on implementation
  • Planning and executing holistic monitoring of environmental impact of the implementation process and the resulting measures
  • Creating estimates and reports of plans and projects to climate changes

To ensure an impeccable quality of our services, the firm has acquired authorisation and accreditation for all measurement and computational methods used. For a number of years our staff has been actively involved in implementing European noise legislation nad related environmental standards in acceding members from Ex-Yugoslavia (Croatia, Serbia).