Quality Policy Statement


Epi Spektrum Ltd. and the entirety of its staff are committed to an impeccable standard of quality, which meets and exceeds the demands of its customers


Since its establishment  in 1998, Epi Spektrum Ltd. has focused on environmental protection issues and information systems development. In the environmental protection area, the company specialises in assessing and evaluating the outdoor and and indoor noise environment on the basis of measurements and  modelling, estimating air pollution, and preparing expert groundworks for the purpose of spatial planning and mitigation measures on a local and state level. Another core part of the business is the planning, development, integration, and maintenance of laboratory information systems for all kinds od testing laboratories. As one of the leading companies in the market we have amassed a wide array of clients.

Epi Spektrum Ltd. has always endeavoured an outstanding quality of its services. The fundamental document that defines the process and rules necessary for quality assurance is the Quality Manual. Every regular and part time employee is made aware of the document and its auxiliaries.

Epi Spektrum Ltd. has holistically adopted the standard SIST ISO 17025:2005 as its core guide for quality assurance. The firm regularly monitors its consistency with the standard and updates its operations accordingly. The monitoring in daily operations and regular internal assessment is performed by a group responsible for quality management. Consequently, a basis for consistent improvements in management and quality can be drawn from the monitoring results.

Epi Spektrum Ltd. plans and executes noise estimation on the basis of measurement and computational modelling tailored to the specific demands of its clients and in accordance with the standards SIST, ISO, IEC, EN, and others. Most of our methodology was accredited by the Slovenian Accreditation and competent government institutions. All measurement and computational processes are executed by accordingly educated and specifically trained staff members. The quality of our services is assured by the enactment of all operations concerning a specific order from the initial inquiry to the final report.

Epi Spektrum Ltd. states that all areas of quality management are consistent with the SIST ISO 17025:2005 standard. Any client wishing to query the consistency is welcome to inspect the according documents at the Epi Spektrum Ltd. office. Clients can schedule visits or ascertain additional information from quality manager Rado Marhold, dipl. inž. fiz. (rado.marhold@epi-spektrum.si).

Maribor, September 2017

Boštjan Peršak, Bsc in Physics